Website Optimization

Almost anyone can create a web site and stick it on a server so that it is visible to the internet. Unfortunately, this is akin to putting up a signboard in the desert. If no one sees it, it is not very useful. The goal of your web site should not be mere existence; it should have an explicit goal, such as driving new customers to your business or keeping old customers up to date.
If you do a Google search for any product, you will notice that many company sites are listed, and they are returned in a certain order. That order is not alphabetical or anything quite so simple. It is based on what the search engine people call “relevance”. And relevance is something you can achieve for your web site, but it is not easy. It requires a deep understanding of how the search engines measure relevance, and it is something that they do not disclose lightly (as a matter of fact, it is a closely guarded secret at most search engine companies).

There are many reasons why people may find your site or your message interesting; and they are not often apparent to you as the site creator. Often extremely subtle changes in colors, position of elements, content words may create a wholly different experience for the viewer. The only way to effectively test alternative concepts is to use a technique of A/B split testing whereby some viewers see page A while others see page B. Coupled with a detailed analytics program, we can then determine which page is the more effective. This process can be repeated to continually implrove your site performance.