Internet Marketing

Just because you have a web site doesn’t mean anyone will come and read it. You may have to use other methods to drive viewers to your site. Google, Yahoo, and other search engines offer “pay-per-click” advertising, wherein your ad is displayed when people search in their engines for something relevant to your product. You only pay when they click on your ad.
In order for pay-per-click to be effective, your ad must be compelling and cause people to respond. Again, this needs to be tested by creating multiple ads and seeing which one gets results.
Pay-per-click also is sensitive to the keywords that you specify with your add program. These are the search terms you expect potential customers to be searching for. Selection of proper keywords is an art form in itself. Choosing the wrong keyword can drive up the cost of your program or drive down the effectiveness.
There is also a time and place for “article marketing”. This process is distinctly different from pay-per-click advertising. In article marketing, you create a series of informational articles about your product or service. These articles are not marketing oriented, but instead are intended to be informational in nature. However, you can include some marketing stuff at the bottom of your article, including a link to your web site. Our trained technicians can help you set up such a program.