Technology Consulting

If you are like many businesses, you probably find that you have to interface with technology that you don’t completely understand. Accounting programs, customer records, delivery schedules, all may be imbedded in database structures, whose operation may be obscure. You may find yourself at the mercy of software salesmen, whose interest is in selling software, rather than solving your business problems.
You may decide to hire a technology officer (IT professional) only to find out that he does not speak the same language that you do. A Xantek technology consulting agreement may be the best solution. Not only will it be more cost effective than hiring a full time IT person, but WE SPEAK BUSINESS! Our trained technology consultants understand the ins and outs of web sites, and programming languages, and database queries; but we can show you in business terms how to apply these technologies to solving your business problems.
One of the biggest problems facing growing businesses today is that their technology solutions have been developed in pieces to solve the needs of various operating entities (an accounting program for the accountants, a customer relationship manager for the sales folks, a warehouse management system for the supply chain guys) and none of these is capable of communicating with the others. So in many organizations, the same information is stored multiple times in multiple formats, and may not even be consistent (the sales department may have one address for a customer and the billing people have another).
Our first function after entering your organization is to develop an overall consistent technology plan for your enterprise. This doesn’t mean that we are going to suggest that you scrap all of your existing systems, only that, by having an overall plan, you begin to migrate in small steps to an enterprise wide information system, where company information is stored only once, and is accessible throughout the organization.