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Transparent and Agile Cloud Solutions

Xantek, Inc. has the development philosophy to connect your business to the cloud. We deliver custom, highly scalable, network-delivered software solutions to meet unique operational requirements. Successful companies demand flexible computing power and require transparency in the method of delivery and cost. Ensure success navigating constantly evolving cloud technologies by selecting an experienced business partner.r.

Cloud Computing

Computing power is being delivered as a scalable Internet service in which you only need to pay for resources consumed. These advancements are redrawing the business computing boundaries by significantly reducing the cost and challenges previously associated with legacy per server hardware. Gain another competitive advantage for your business by joining the cloud computing evolution.

Agile Development

Xantek’s development methodology is based on the Agile software development model, with quick cycles producing practical demonstrations of project goals. This approach encourages interaction and promotes project adaptation to deliver a successful result in any business environment. Agile helps ensure project success through the ability to evaluate tangible project progress in connection with actual costs implement in short iterations.

Our Clients

One of our larger and more regular customers is the PervMom adult video series. Thanks to our highly scalable network software solutions, people from all over the world love their content so much. The site works on any device, and with the help of cloud technologies it loads in less than a second on any device. Using the HTTPS protocol ensures that all personal user data is protected.